Indulge From head to toe.

 Indulgence hair Body Soul is a family owned business with over 30 years experience, 

Offering premier Hair and beauty services to the Men and Women of Victoria.

We are Located in the heart of Mandalay Living Estate in Beveridge. 

Corner of Rhapsody Rd and Burnett drive. 

We use & recommend :

Bhave haircare - Hydropepetide - Asap Skin care - Keune - Intraceuticlas  - Gold Caviar keratin

1987 - Joise's first hair cut
( Left- Josies dad )

1987 - Joises first hair cut

2005 - 3rd store Indulgence Opens

2019 - Launch of

LET THY Hair extensions is born

1998 - Indulgence

Hair Body Soul was born

2004 - 2nd store Overindulgence Opens

2014 - New salon in Campbellfiled

2019 - Beauty in Beveridge 
opened to the public

quality and professional advice, Skin results, luxurious hair...

No need for that long drive into the city,

We are located just off the Hume High Way,

5 Minutes before wallan.

No need to spend the extra $$$ or km. to find a hairdresser who gets you! or a beauty therapist that understands your needs!

You've come to the right place!

Model Image - Color Chameleon Orange v1

La Vita Qualita

​Using one of the best colour collections known worldwide. Keune.

Keune as it is very popular overseas has now made itself known to Melbourne! 

Fighting resistant greys! and making bleaching a breeze with no breakage!

Have we found our match? Keune and our skilled hairdressers at Indulgence go above and beyond to create amazing hair, and most importantly our clients happy!