Ultimate Indulge

Peel + Micro + Omnilux + Oxygen Infusion

Was $450 Now $299 - 3 Hours

Omnilux LED Light Therapy (Face)

Omnilux™ Light Therapy was developed after years of extensive medical research based on NASA LED technology.  Omnilux™ Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) are a natural, non-invasive and relaxing treatment that is suitable for the treatment of a wide range of dermatological conditions including acne, photo-damage, skin rejuvenation, wound healing, as well as depression, migraines and lots more.


Omnilux is a quick 20 minute treatment that reaches where therapist’s hands cannot reach. Its Indulgences favorite treatment!

Omnilux™ will to help reduce the appearance of the visible signs of skin ageing – minimise fine lines and wrinkles, boost collagen production and visibly improve your skin’s appearance.

  • Effective

  • Suitable for most skin types

  • Non-invasive therapy

  • NO reported side effects

  • NO pain

  • NO downtime

  • Quick and simple

  • Promotes body’s own natural healing response

Omnilux LED Light Therapy (60 min)

Course of 9 sessions



HIFU - Face & Body Contouring 

HIFU is a non-invasive treatment that lifts and tones your face and body without any needles or surgery. 

Say goodbye to your turkey neck, baby stomach fat or that jiggly skin being a mummy!

HIFU can treat many parts of the body including face and neck, under arms, thighs, back fat, breast- uplift, mummy tummy and a lot more.  

For a price or quote you will need a consultation first.

Please book online or call us on 0466 574 998 for more info.

Microdermabrasion (Face)


Microdermabrasion is one of the best anti-ageing skin care treatments available. This safe and painless treatment accelerates the exfoliation of dead skin cells which in turn stimulates new cell growth and the renewal of collagen. Using a gentle vacuuming system and diamond tips, microdermabrasion removes dull, dead skin cells, unclogs pores and polishes the skin. It is a non-invasive treatment that can be used to treat a number of skin concerns, on any part of the body, with no downtime. 




Microdermabrasion (30-45 min)

Express Micro (15 min)

Course of 6 


Eyebrow Tint

Eyelash tint

Eyebrow & Eyelash tint

Micro and Peels are an effective treatment for: 

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Acne, blackheads and congestion

  • Pigmentation

  • Minor scar revision

  • Rejuvenation of dull, tired skin

  • Open pores

  • Age revealing hands and feet

Chemical Peels (Face)

Chemical peels are typically used to restore a youthful, vibrant appearance to wrinkly, blotchy, sun-damaged skin. There are Four main types of chemical face peels, and each has unique benefits for the skin. 

Pumpkin Peel

Active and acne skin types

Blueberry Peel

Sensitive Skin types

Apple Peel

Anti Ageing

Vitamin C Peel

Pigmentation, Sun/Age Spots, Lighten and Brighten the skin

All Peels cost from $89.00 to $150.00 Depending on time, skin concern and result.

Skin preparation is a must for peel facials 2 weeks prior to your peel. 

Please ask our trained beauty therapist for more info.


Oxygen Infusion Facial (face)

What is an Oxygen Infusion Facial?

An Intraceuticals Rejuvenate treatment harnesses three elements to achieve instant and dramatic results:

A. Oxygen under light pressure aids delivery of age defying ingredients to the skin at the same time as cooling and calming the skin.

B. Unique Rejuvenate Serum contains lightweight Hyaluronic Acid and a powerful combination of vitamins and antioxidants. The Hyaluronic Acid helps to instantly hydrate the skin resulting in Increased firmness, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improved look to facial contours and overall radiance.

C. Treatment Support Products provide essential layers to seal in and supplement skin nutrients for maximum synergistic effect and longer lasting results.

Rejuvenate Infusion

Hydration Plus / Red & sensitive skin

Opulence Infusion

Pigmentation and brightening

6 week course including Products





Customised Facials (face)

All Customised Facials are Prices by time. Please Book a consultation and the therapist can find the right facials suited for you.

Anti - Aging Facial Treatment (45 min)  $89

Fountain of youth. Relaxing and simple treatment helps minimize the signs of aging, reduce the appearance of fine lines, whilst improving skin tone, texture and revealing firmer looking skin.


Antioxidant Facial (45 Min)  $89

We are exposed to everyday stresses such as pollution, sun damage, smoke and damaging free radicals. This facial is designed to combat these daily aging stresses  Suitable for both sensitive or dry skin. Leaving skin feeling smooth radiant and firm.


Express Facial (20 Min)  $50

An intense cleansing mini facial for busy people. Leaves the skin thoroughly de-congested, cleansed, tone and hydrated.


Bright Eye Rejuvenation Treatment (25 min)   $35

This treatment helps to reduce fatigue and puffiness around the eye. This relaxing treatment has Aloe Vera and antioxidants to hydrate and brighten the eye area. A massage also will help to decongestants and awaken the eyes.


Bliss Facial for Sensitive Skin (30 min) $65

This is a gentle treatment and uses selected  asap products only. Designed to hydrate the skin and promote cell turnover leaving the skin calm and smooth


Face and Body Waxing

One of the most gentle wax, optimum smooth and beautiful results.


Women Only

Eyebrows  - $15

Eyebrow Reshape  -$30 

Lip  - $10

Chin  -$10

Face $30

Underarms $20 

Spot  -$10

½ Arm  - $25

Full Arm -$50

½ Leg - $40

¾ Leg  $50

Full Leg  - $60  

Lower Back  - $35

Full Back - $55

Tummy - $ 35

Bikini  Only -$45

Sorry No Brazilian waxing - Instead we offer IPL permanent hair removal for those areas. 


Eye Care

Eyebrow Tint - $12

Eyelash tint - $20

Eyebrow & Eyelash tint - $28



Get Ready to experience an indulge massage,

Not only do you feel relaxed and amazing the essential oils will help you release any tension you are holding back. 

You can choose from back, shoulder, neck, upper body, lower body, legs or arms for your massage; 

Depending on the duration of your massage.

 Choose your time :

   30 min - $50

   45 min - $60

   60 min - $100

   90 min - $145


Choose your massage type:

Crystal Massage - 30 Minutes  $55

Back/Neck/Face/Includes Essential Oils & Crystals (Chakra) *

Relaxation Massage - 30 Minutes $ 55

Back/Neck/Includes Hot Rocks*

Deluxe Massage - 60 Minutes $110

Full Body/ Includes Essential Oils*  

Healing Massage - 60 or 90 Minutes  $150 +

Full Body /Includes Tea Readings, Crystals & Essential Oils*

Ear Candling -$ 20 each ear

Please note our beauty therapists are trained in certificate 4 of Beauty Therapy


Spray Tanning

2 hour Tanning or 

12 hour Tanning

Last up to 2 weeks

No Orange 

Full body $35      

Half Body $ 30  

Tanning mits   $25

After care Prolong Foam   $35

( same colour as tan! ) SHOP NOW

IPL Permanent Hair Removal

If you are sick of waxing and shaving then IPL hair removal is for you. 

Minimum 6 sessions needed to reduce your hair growth. 

If you would like to know more information please call us on 0466 574 998 or email us on